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5 Benefits of Yoga for you

1. Reduces stress

Experts explain that through breathing and meditation, you reach a state of relaxation that allows you to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety and keep your day-to-day life more calmly.

2. Strengthens health

Several studies argue that this discipline fights hypertension and reduces blood cholesterol levels, which in the long term reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Increases flexibility and balance

Yoga postures (asanas) help us to be more flexible and balanced both physically and mentally. Everything learned on the mat is brought to our daily life.

4. Improves concentration

Increasing concentration is a fundamental objective in the practice of Yoga because it leads to serenity and being efficient.

5. Connects you with your body

It makes you feel good in your own body. Your body becomes stronger, just like your mind. You will develop greater concentration, patience and self-awareness. You will learn to accept what you cannot change and appreciate more, everything you already have.

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