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Vinyasa Flow, Power Vinyasa

These are dynamic and invigorating types of Hatha yoga. Fundamentally, work is done by performing yoga poses, or asanas, with rhythmic movements and breath (UJJAYI).

They were born from Ashtanga, a type of yoga with a more traditional approach, where the practitioner always follows the same sequence. However, in Vinyasa, the sequence changes according to the focus of the class, depending on the group, energy, physical abilities, philosophical topic, and it is all based on the instructor’s approach. In Yoga Centre Flow, morning Vinyasa classes are focused on mindful movement to the rhythm of one’s breath, and we also use different relaxation techniques from both yogic and mindfulness wisdom. These classes are suitable for all levels. Power Yoga and evening Vinyasa Flow classes are more dynamic and physically challenging classes, and for Power yoga some previous practice or sports background is required.

Hatha Flow Yoga

Although any of the ‘physical’ yoga styles can be described as Hatha Yoga, today Hatha is associated with being a more leisurely style. Asanas (postures) are often performed as long and constant poses. It’s about finding a balance between ease and strength. It works with body alignment, conscious breathing in combination with physical strength and endurance. It is suitable for all levels and ages. Recommended to beginners.

Yin & Restorative

These are quieter, passive and meditative styles. They are like medicine for modern life. It is a slow and gentle practice that directs attention inward. In Yin Yoga, the asanas are done on the ground for 2 to 5 or even 7 minutes, allowing the fascia to be released, lubricating the joints and strengthening the tendons and ligaments. It incorporates the breath work and meditative practice. In restorative yoga we also combine work with tennis balls to release tension. Recommended for all levels and ages, excellent for people who want to slow down and combine with a more invigorating yoga style or sports.